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A South Auckland food drive linking community agencies and businesses has helped vulnerable families eat nutritiously during hard times.

Led by community initiative The Generator, more than 2000 frozen meals and 1000 vegie packs have been delivered to families in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

“The food packs cater for those at risk or who are unable to provide a nutritious meal for their family,” says Community Lead Tammy Potini.  “The main thing is reducing costs and stress for whanau who are getting by day-to-day.”

The packs were distributed by South Auckland agencies including The Cause Collective, who have strong connections with vulnerable Maori and Pasifika communities.

“We’re delivering to people who either don’t have internet or don’t have access to important information about Covid-19,” says TCC Systems Innovator Lesley Maipi.  “We put information in the food packs so people stay informed and can keep themselves safe.”

The TCC team delivered to an elderly home, where each household received two frozen meals and a vegetable pack.

They also delivered vegie packs to families part of their One Love initiative.

The food packs have been generously provided by:

  • Generites Kai Sisterz (Caterers)
  • Generite Peter Lilo (Courier)
  • Balle Brothers, Hira Bhana family, RC Hari & Sons and Wai Shing Ltd (Donating vegetables)
  • Auckland Emergency Management (Grant)  
  • La Valla (Sub-let their kitchen space at a reduced rate)

Feedback from families towards The Generator initiative has been positive, with many saying they would have struggled to stock their cupboards during Covid-19.

The initiative ran for seven weeks and their last run was May 26th.

In need of assistance? Here are some useful information: https://preparepacific.nz/resources/food-bank/

The Generator is an MSD funded initiative that backs Kiwis in hardship who have a business idea (Generites). It is delivered in a partnership between Vaka Tautua and Emerge Aotearoa.