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Where we are putting our focus
After considering where the gains are to be made for our communities, we have identified three focus areas across the organisation:

Goal One


Our aim is to uplift Pacific people and communities to create, foster, and sustain holistic health and wellbeing. We aspire to cultivate the conditions and foundations for families and communities to thrive that are rooted in Pacific traditions, knowledge, and spirit.

Goal Two

Building intergenerational wealth

We want to empower Pacific communities to create and sustain intergenerational wealth focusing on financial literacy, economic freedom, and equitable opportunities. Our commitment lies in providing the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to break barriers, create pathways to economic prosperity, and establish a legacy of financial stability and growth for future generations.

Goal Three

Strengthening identity and wellbeing

Our focus is on honouring and fortifying Pacific peoples’ identities to create the conditions for a thriving community rooted in pride, resilience, and vitality. We aim to nurture a profound sense of connectedness and belonging through initiatives that foster mental, emotional, and communal wellness to embrace unique identities with confidence.