strategic goal - place

By 2030, Pacific , Māori and those families
most in needs will benefit and thrive from the social and economic
uplift of South Auckland.

our initiatives

The Cause Collective

The organisation is primarily funded through government contracts and has around $5 million of operating revenue for 2018/19. The governance model for the organisation is skills-based and includes a range of expertise to reflect the diverse business of the organisation. Due to the innovative nature of the work, the organisation operates an integrated, adaptive and strengths-based operating structure that sees people usually working across initiatives to achieve results.

The organisation employs 31 FTE who work across four main initiatives at present:

Healthy Families South Auckland

Healthy Families NZ is a large-scale initiative that brings together community leadership in a united effort for better health in the places we live, learn, work and play.

Do Good Feel Good

A youth-led movement focused on social leadership and social change in South Auckland.

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One Love Mangere

One Love is the proof of concept for a place-based community-led approach that is designed to fundamentally change the way in which community and public services are experienced by citizens.

Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu

Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu encapsulates eight ethnic-specific Pacific conceptual frameworks which set out the key concepts and principles that promote family wellbeing. The frameworks are rich with ethnic specific values and concepts on the understanding that culture must be the basis for constructing any solution to family violence.

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