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The Cause Collective’s youth-led movement, Do Good Feel Good (DGFG) celebrated its 5th birthday with an evening of entertainment and dancing at Youthline Manukau, watch the video here.

DGFG is a collective of 17-to-24-year-olds working together to boost awareness of preventative health issues, to understand the cultural contexts of Pacific and Māori young people in Auckland and to activate their ideas and amplify their voices on important issues that matter to them.

The theme for the birthday celebrations was “Sophisticated Polynesian” with traditional dress and gender-fluid fashion on full display.

Youth Systems Innovator Chillion Sanerivi says the event was a celebration of DGFG’s milestones and achievements.

“Five years ago, myself and a few others saw an opportunity where young people from Mangere could co-design something that was led by them. Normalising how we manage our health and wellbeing,” says Sanerivi.

“We always knew we had something special with DGFG,” he says.

The movement has attracted over 100 members and expanded to 10 SKWADS, an acronym for ‘Serving Kindness with Acts and Deeds.

“When we first started there were only three people that would show up to meetings. Today, we can’t even fit in the same room,” says Sanerivi.

“The event was a celebration of our cultures, millstones and South Auckland being a positive place for innovation & opportunity,” he adds.

Twenty five year-old PJ Luatua from Mangere is one of DGFG’s original members and says he has gained important life experiences through the movement.

“Island parents always misunderstand or misinterpret how we bring up ideas. So we learn to keep quiet,” says Luatua, who is of Samoan & Tongan descent.

“DGFG is a safe space where youth of different cultures can come together and enjoy themselves. I like the idea of them (TCC) finding funding for us to spend on initiatives we think will make a difference. Like our exercise and cleaning streets projects,” he adds.

From left to right: Emily Luatua, Mele Tapueluelu, Chillion Sanerivi, Rachel Enosa & PJ Luatua.

The Cause Collective Chief Executive, Rachel Enosa has been a key champion for the movement, supporting their mission since its inception.

“What has made DGFG so successful is our youth decide what is important to them,” says Enosa.

“We work together on what we need to achieve but wherever possible, they’re in charge. That’s certainly what we want to keep doing in the future”, she says.

For more information on Do Good Feel Good contact: 

Chillion Sanerivi 

Youth Systems Innovator

e: [email protected]