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Explosive krumping, swift vogue movements and athletic breakdancing will be all on show at  the second annual Projekt Feel Good event on Saturday 8 January 2022 at The Vodafone  Events Centre in Manukau. 

Following the success of the inaugural Projekt Feel Good event in January 2021, the Hip  Hop and Street Dance Experience will kick off the new year with New Zealand’s finest hip  hop and street dancers assembling in South Auckland. The event is an opportunity for  people to learn and connect through workshops, dance battles, panel talanoa (discussion), a  hip hop exhibition, and a celebratory dance party. 

Mele Tapueluelu, Youth Mobiliser at The Cause Collective, is excited to bring hip hop and  street dance communities together in South Auckland for people to learn and be inspired. 

“Projekt Feel Good is a positive and safe space for people to connect and thrive through hip  hop and street dance. It’s an event like no other and allows for people to creatively and  emotionally express themselves through movement.” 

“Hip hop and street dance is for everyone. You don’t have to be a dancer to attend, we  welcome all people to participate, observe and listen to insights and experiences of hip hop  and street dancers from across Aotearoa,” she says. 

Projekt Feel Good is delivered by Do Good Feel Good, a youth movement for young people  to lead positive change, and Projekt Team, a street dance collective composed of hip hop and street dancers who run different community projects. The event is based around three  elements of connection, authentic hip hop and street dance styles and wellbeing. 

“Hip hop and street dance are a force for positive change in our communities. This past year  has shown that we need more opportunities for people to express themselves in a positive  and safe way. We believe that hip hop and street dance connect people together and is a  space to celebrate who we are as creatives in New Zealand,” says Mele, an award-winning  Krump dancer. 

“We encourage all participants or observers to join us at Projekt Feel Good to connect and to  express yourself through movement without fear or judgement.”

“There is beginner, intermediate and advanced dance workshops. Our tutors are very  experienced, and they cater to different skill levels. They are essentially experts in their field  when it comes to their style of hip hop or street dance,” she says. 

Some of the street dancers who will be facilitating these spaces include: 

  • Ooshcon – specialises in Waving (@ooshcon) 
  • XIII – a Krumper (@xiii_everything) 
  • Naynay – a Freestyle expert (@naynay_sharp) 
  • Myke – a Hip Hop choreographer (@movesbymyke) 
  • Happyfeet – an amazing Locker (@j.happyfeet_) 
  • Simba – a BBoy artist (@diirtyydaan) 

A panel talanoa (discussion) will also provide an opportunity for hip hop community leaders  and pioneers to share their insights and experiences as well as their own personal creative  pathways.  

The panelists consist of: 

  • Kat Walker – a Hip Hop pioneer, dance educator, dancer and choreographer who  holds a masters degree in Hip Hop Dance from The University of Auckland. Aloali’i Tapu – a contemporary dancer and choreographer who grew up in Otara and  spent three years in Berlin, Germany as one of the leading choreographers. Jaycee Tanuvasa – a creative artist, choreographer and one of the pioneers of  Aotearoa’s ballroom vogue scene. 
  • Dujon Cullingford – a youth and community development expert who has competed in  over 1000 performances around the world. 
  • Indigo Sagala – a dancer and choreographer with 12 years’ experience teaching  dance globally and coaching seven teams for the World Hip Hop Championships. 

The hip hop exhibition will run during the event, with the dance party at night to include an All  Styles Dance Battle.