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The Cause Collective’s One Love South Auckland initiative is centred on building a social infrastructure in South Auckland neighbourhoods. The goal is to enable residents to become active participants in the social and economic uplift of the area.

Having started in Mangere four years ago, the initiative has grown to include Te Wirihana (Wiri), Takanini and Otara. 

Lead Systems Innovator Sam Lafolua says, “Families in South Auckland face the challenge of rising living costs, the ripple effects of Covid-19 can still be felt in some households.”

“The Back to School Giveaway is one way we can relieve the financial pressure for those who are struggling at this time of year with school fees, uniforms and stationery adding to their living costs” he adds. 

The Back to School Giveaway took place in Māngere (Imrie Reserve) and Wiri (Inverell Park) with 300 school bags (150 in each neighbourhood) packed with stationary supplied to local families. Inside each bag was a mix of stationary including: Exercise books, diaries, book bags and pencil cases filled with pens and pencils. 200 school bags (100 in each neighbourhood) will also be distributed to families in Takanini and Otara before school starts next week.

The Back to School event in Wiri was brought to life with the help of local partnerships with Panuku, Roots Collective, Honotahi and RepFM.

Wiri locals who attended the event shared photos and their thoughts in a Wiri Facebook group.

“It was an awesome day! My (sic) son and I had so much fun. He had his first haircut in six years. We can’t wait for the next one.” wrote Teina Nelio. 

Stacey Russell commented, “Was a cool day my kids loved it”.

In Mangere, the resident-led event was supported by NZ Police and the Ministry of Social Development staff who engaged with local residents.

All Heart NZ, a Manukau-based charitable trust that supports partner organisations to reduce poverty, increase education and provide wellbeing services, partnered with The Cause Collective to provide school stationery at a discounted rate. 

All Heart NZ, Community Enterprise Developer, Lindsy Unia (LJ) said, “We were delighted to help Lesley and the team from One Love South Auckland, partnering and supporting the community is what we do.”

For more information about: One Love South Auckland Mangere contact: [email protected]

One Love Te Wirihana contact: [email protected]