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That’s us, 2023 Census – Shape South Auckland’s Future

Pictured: The 2023 Census South Auckland Engagement team at our One Love South Auckland Back To School event.

The 2023 Census is a chance for our South Auckland communities to be heard and represent the needs of our people. Being underrepresented in Census data can greatly impact the way our communities thrive and live out their best lives. Now, in 2023 as the population in South Auckland- which largely consists of our Māori and Pacific people- increases and changes, so do the needs of our communities. 

With this in mind The Cause Collective (TCC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Stats NZ/ Tatauranga Aotearoa in 2022. The MoU supports the collection of quality data for Māori, Pacific peoples, and Youth communities in South Auckland for the 2023 Census scheduled to take place on 7th March, 2023.

Since the official signing of our MoU, Stats NZ and the TCC team have been collaborating on engagement activities, and community workshops to inform and talanoa with our communities on the upcoming census, and what it means for the future of South Auckland. 

To help supplement the work of the Census team, TCC has launched a mini-campaign, ‘That’s us, 2023 Census, Shape South Auckland’s Future.’ Designed to act as a direct call-to-action and serve as a platform for our communities to keep up-to-date with upcoming community events, ‘That’s Us’ will continue to drive traffic towards Census social media accounts as the main source of information.

As we build the trust and confidence necessary to make sure community interest is at the heart of our partnership with Census we highlight the voices of our community champions in local media to support the kaupapa. Because who better to shape South Auckland’s future than us?

Our engagements have kept our communities informed and increased awareness of the upcoming Census. It’s also provided an opportunity for community members to ask questions, and make their concerns known.

 “Quality and accurate data is important for planning in healthcare, education, housing, and transport so iwi, community groups, businesses, councils, and government agencies can effect change where it is needed the most,” says Tala Tuala, Evidence and Insights Manager at The Cause Collective.

“It’s important to us that our South Auckland communities understand what the Census is, and are informed on how their data is collected and what it will be used for.

We are working to ensure our Māori, Pacific Peoples, and Youth communities in South Auckland are aware that their information is collected using ethical, statistical, and best-practice security standards.”

‘That’s Us’ encourages our communities to be active participants in the upcoming census as well as showing them how their data can be used to access more opportunities, and services. 

So that when the results of the 2023 Census are published, our voices are heard, our needs are recorded, and subsequently met.  

“Our goal is to provide our communities with the necessary tools, information, and ease of access to complete the Census. With the support of our Māori, Pacific peoples, Youth communities in South Auckland, we aim to make that as easy as possible,” says Tuala.

The Census is now live and you can complete it on paper form or online. 

Visit www.census.govt.nz for more information.

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