OUR Values

Honesty, Respect, Compassion,
Courage and Service

Our Team

Candice Ama

Candice grew up in Ōtara, South Auckland. She is of Cook Island – Māori heritage.

What led you to working at Healthy Families South Auckland?
I have a passion for helping our Pacific peoples and visual storytelling is my way of giving them a voice.

Who inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by Jesus Christ, he always broke the mold, defied the odds and personified love and giving to others.

What is your current role?
Visual Content Creator.

What projects are you currently working on and what impact do they have on the community?
I am working across many projects.  My role is to visually capture the stories of those working to prevent social harm in South Auckland with the aim of influencing ongoing positive change.

What is one funny/quirky/interesting thing that no-one knows about you?
I can impersonate anyone – ask me.

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