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Andy Piutau

Andy Piutau is a NZ-born Tongan with ties to Kolofo’ou and Folaha.  A proud South Aucklander, raised in Mangere, Andy has been involved in the community at many different levels and with a few different hats from a Trustee at Māngere College through to an Associate Pastor at Breakthrough Church. 

With a Masters in Public Health, Andy was previously a Systems Innovator in the Healthy Families team, and has rejoined us as a Lead Systems Innovator. With a public health background which has included roles with Auckland Regional Public Health Services and Healthy Families, his most recent role was a Health Coach role at Tamaki Health Care. 

What led you to working at The Cause Collective / Healthy Families?

My passion to help support my family and friends in South Auckland with their health and wellbeing.

Who inspires you and why? 

My wife and kids as they inspire me to push my boundaries so that I can be the best version of myself. As well as my parents, they sacrificed a lot to raise a family of 10 and give my siblings and I the best opportunity to succeed in life.

What is your current role? 

Lead Systems Innovator

What is your vision for health and wellbeing in South Auckland?

Access to holistic health and wellbeing for all South Aucklanders regardless of background, culture or social status.

What is one funny/quirky/interesting thing that no-one knows about you?

I enjoy playing chess (I am not a good player but I enjoy the game lol)

 What is your superpower?

Love! When you love what you do, it is very hard to stop. I love myself, I love people and I love everything that I do in life.

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